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Pigeon Stud


Our elite pigeon breeding stud houses some top quality stock focusing on The Janssen strain which originate from the Janssen Bros of Arendonk and were handpicked by Peter Hall himself on his many visits there.

To complement the Janssen strain the stud also houses children and grandchildren of International and national winners with blood lines from Mark Gilbert, Crowley and Green together with some select Belgian and Dutch strains.

Pigeon Stud

Petron Janssens..

Over the last 30yrs of personally visiting the Janssen Bros of Arendonk we have successfully created a fantastic family of pure stockbirds which can be traced all the way back to some of the great direct Janssens such as the Merckx, O19, The Vos, the Bull and Chantilly to name a few.

Birds at the stud have been responsible for multiple Fed winners, Combine wins and positions. 100s of Club wins, National Section winners and Open positions in the UK and Ireland. Some of our customers having a 75% strike rate with our birds. 



Why choose Petron Stud 

Purchasing youngsters for stock will be the best investment you will ever make for a pure cross into your own strain

Expert advice given on feeding, stock management and health products including the complete range of Klaus healthcare available on site

Select your own youngsters and handle the birds in the stud environment

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